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=PoetiGraph= A Photo-Poem Community for Everyone

Just Let The Ink Flow

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Welcome to PoetiGraph, a community where you write poetry about a photograph. Post any photograph, from anywhere (but if it's not yours, PLEASE don't take credit for it; that's just lame). The photograph can match your mood, it can be random, it can be exposing (to an extent: I don't want pornography, but I'm all for artistic nudity. Ask if you're not sure), it can be anything. Nobody will shoot you down about your choice of poem and/or photograph; if this happens (or if you do it) you will be banned. Now, there is one option: people can choose to say if they would like CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but all in all this is just a community to let stuff out and even get inspiration from other members.


Alright, here's a play-by-play of the rules.

[x]No disgusting porno pictures. If you aren't sure what's appropriate, ASK!
[x]No dissing, on anything.
[x]The poster may choose to request constructive criticism. If you feel like you have something to tell them that may be critical, ask them first!
[x]Don't rip off someone else's poetry, be it another member or a famous poet. This is meant to be YOUR work; if there's a famous poem that you feel is utterly AMAZING and goes with your mood perfectly, PLEASE say who the poem is by.
[x]The above goes with photography. Don't take credit for others work. If you edit a picture to make it unique, take credit for the editing, but not the photo itself.
[x]Photos can be edited/photoshopped if you choose. Get creative with it!
[x]You can pretty much use whatever words you want in your poetry. It's what you're feeling, so don't worry about getting banned for cussing... just don't try and pull a 50 Cent style-poem.

Have fun posting! Any questions, feel free to ask (comment, email, whatever)

Jill (LilyJane)